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I'm a writer and essayist from Seattle, living in Texas.

My work is about the place where storytelling intersects with empathy. I'm interested in the creative process, how binge-watching on Netflix has altered our ability to savor good storytelling, comic books, popular culture, pretty girls, gender issues, fictional worlds where magic is the norm, and your bad taste in TV.

I also help creative types find their voice. My workbook for overcoming creative block, Find Your Flow, came out earlier this year.

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“She may be a damsel, but she’s as far from in distress as it gets.”
— My poor husband
“Two kinds of creative.”
— Aubrey
“You’re a genius, but you’re like a five-year old.”
— Vince
“If anybody knew who you are we could start a ‘Shit Stephenie Says’ Twitter.”
— Allyson