likes pop culture, games, and you.



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Steph Armstong likes pop culture, games, and you.

Hey. I'm Steph. I'm a writer, creator, and total Eeyore living in Texas. I'm interested in the creative process, pop culture, gender issues, pretty girls, exploring what it means to be a human person through the media we consume, fictional worlds where magic is the norm, and your bad taste in TV. It's okay. We all have bad taste in TV.

My work focuses on the intersection of being human and gaining better understanding of ourselves through empathy. I express this through things games about giant world-eating monsters and things that make me cry. My workbook for overcoming creative block, Find Your Flow, came out last year. I'm currently writing a tabletop RPG, Daylighters, inspired by abandoned technology and collaborative storytelling. If you'd be interested in running a play test, please send me an email at

 My baby, a bald potato, exists to hug dogs and yell for more orange slices.

My baby, a bald potato, exists to hug dogs and yell for more orange slices.

“She may be a damsel, but she’s as far from in distress as it gets.”
“You’re a genius, but you’re like a five-year old.”


Life Lessons For My Son, From My Comic Books
How To Hold Someone's Hand
Tips For A Liberal Living In Texas (Part 1)
Tips For A Liberal Living In Texas (Part 2)
If Jake Gyllenhaal Were Your Co-Parent
The Care & Feeding Of Your Extrovert

Games & Interactives

It's (Not) The End Of The World // A ten-minute text game about priorities, relationships, and the great unknowable horrors that threaten to destroy humanity.

What is it now? // An aggressively TMI look at fifty things that have made me cry. Not a game, unless you consider Gain Empathy to be a valid objective/win condition.

Internet Things

Digital Friend Cara // @_digitalfriend // A gentle, encouraging little bot that just wants you to be happy.
Trump Markov // @_trumpmarkov // Highly unoriginal, mildly entertaining bot running a Markov chain text generator off text pulled from D***** T****'s speeches and Twitter account.
Oh My God Bot // @ohmygodbot // A subtle, nuanced, and wholly pointless bot that tweets variations of "Oh my god!" every so often.
Mythical Lands // @mythical_lands // Generates a tiny fantasy world made of emojis ever few hours.

“If anybody knew who you are we could start a ‘Shit Stephenie Says’ Twitter.”

If you'd like to work together, please feel free to get in touch with me here or on Twitter.